Hurricane Irma Pet Safety & Updates | What you can do to prep for the storm!

PLEASE NOTE: **Knine2Five will be closed during serve weather warnings. Please watch our Facebook Page in order to stay informed.**

Living in Florida we all know the hurricane basics and have weathered a storm or two. As it would seem we will be feeling the effects of Hurricane Irma over the weekend or in the early parts of next week. Boarding pups will need to be picked up by Emergency Contacts if you are not personally available.

Storms are stressful for pups. Please check out these 6 Hurricane Tips for you and your furbabies!

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Awesome Adoptable Gidget’s Happily Ever After Story!

It’s our favorite kind of post to share! That’s right we’ve got another awesome Happily Ever After story about lovely and newly adopted miss Gidget! ? She’s been a favorite on Instagram & Facebook and we knew it was only a matter of time before a lovely family scooped her up and she’d have a forever home. So sit back get comfortable and enjoy. WARNING: Adorable Pics Incoming…

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Sit, Stay, & Meet Trainer Quinn Jaquillard | Now Offering Board & Train at kNine2Five!

Sharing exciting news like this is the whole reason we decided to start out newsletter and blog, so that our awesome clients and customers are the very first to know what we’re up to! 

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve teamed up with Certified trainer Quinn Jaquillard owner & founder of My Professional K9 to offer training services during your dog’s stay with us! So without further adieu, say hello to Quinn!

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What Makes A Doggy Daycare SAFE?

Dogs are naturally social creatures, thriving on playtime and general interaction with other dogs. And who doesn’t love watching their pups chase each other? Many owners take their pets to a dog parks, while an increasing number of them bring their pets to doggie daycare.

There are significant benefits in safety and cleanliness when opting for a daycare, as the facilities are typically cleaned and staffed by professionals. Most dog parks, however, are lucky if the grass is cut on a regular basis, and there’s no screening process to prevent dangerous dogs from interacting with your own.

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These Summer Tips Could Save Your Dog’s Life

Summer isn’t always just a walk in the park for pets. Skyrocketing temperatures can make the world a harsh place for our animals, especially for dogs, who can be very sensitive to the heat.

Keeping Your Dog Cool & Safe All Summer Long!

Because dogs don’t have the convenient (smelly) sweating mechanism that humans do to stay cool, overheating can happen suddenly for them – and it can be deadly. Luckily, there are some key signs of dog overheating to watch out for when taking your pup out of the A/C. Catching overheating early could literally save your dog’s life.
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Meet 3 Of Our Newest Adoptable Rescue Pups!

This intro is going to be short because we’re jumping out of our skins to let our amazing new adoptables introduce themselves to you! kNine2Five regularly donates boarding spots to overwhelmed local shelters and pups who need a place to stay while awaiting adoption. All of the following pups are currently up for adoption so feel free to share this email with anyone looking for a lovely forever friend! ?   Read more