Awesome Adoptable Gidget’s Happily Ever After Story!

It’s our favorite kind of post to share! That’s right we’ve got another awesome Happily Ever After story about lovely and newly adopted miss Gidget! ? She’s been a favorite on Instagram & Facebook and we knew it was only a matter of time before a lovely family scooped her up and she’d have a forever home. So sit back get comfortable and enjoy. WARNING: Adorable Pics Incoming…

Once Upon a Time…

The beginning of Gidget’s story with us is a sad one (don’t worry it get’s better). She was found lying next to her previous owner who had passed away. Gidget wouldn’t leave her side. The lovely folks at Sebring Angels took her in and she was brought to kNine2Five! Where we gave her lots of love, snuggles, and playtime until one day…


An awesome couple named Jenny & Zach decided to adopt her and be her new forever family! Gidget now spends her free time napping…


and being Queen of all things soft and cozy!

She rules with an iron paw… and lots of licks! 

And The Best Part??

Gidget now joins us a daycare! So in the day she get’s to play with her kNine pals, and in the evening, she gets to give her human pack tons of loves and kisses!


Congratulations Miss Gidget! ?

Speaking of stories, Have you seen our first Weekly Vlog!?



We really hope you enjoy this Happily Ever After series, and over time all posts will also be archived on our Blog so you can always catch up on our latest Happily Ever Afters!

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